"God respects me when I work
but He loves me when I sing"


I believe God gives each of us life and breath and gifts to share with our world. I also believe, beyond any shadow of my doubt, that music is mine. My passion for music goes back to my earliest recollections as a child. From 50's Rock Roll, to the Beatles, to Country, Pop, Broadway, and vitually any other genre of music, I have always loved singing a great song. When I entered into a relationship with Christ in my late 20's my love of music didn't wane in the slightest. God just gave me a new song to sing. O yes, I still sing the old ones, because I believe God loves a great song as well, whether it is necessarily a church song or not.

This page is dedicated to the wonderful opportunity God has given me to use my voice, my songs, and my hands to praise Him and -- hopefully -- bless others in the process!

He has put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to my God
(Psalm 40:3)