The Seven Strategies

Over the course of the past 20 years I have spent much time observing and studying the lives of my fellow human beings, particularly my "senior" friends. I became intrigued with the fact that some grow old with grace, purpose and passion, while others seem to face their golden years with pessimism and frustration. In short, some live dynamic, productive, meaningful lives well into their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, while others just exist day to day.

I wanted to know what made the difference between the two camps. I began to interview those dynamic individuals whenever and whereever I encountered them. They were more than willing to share their wonderful stories and philosophies of life with me.

As I observed and studied them I came to the conclusion that their secret was no secret at all. It wasn't personality or DNA. Instead I identified at least 7 strategies (or habits) that to some degree or another guided them as they grew older.

It is important to note two very important keys about these 7 strategies;
  • This is not an exclusive list. There are no doubt other strategies and habits that people appropriate in their lives. These seven simply seem to be the most prevelent among those people I observed and interviewed.
  • These strategies are meaningful not only for seniors but -- perhaps even more importantly -- for younger people. These strategies need to be built into the lives of our children and grandchildren. In fact, parents would do well to instill them in children from the very beginning.
I hope you will see the value I see in these 7 strategies. I believe they can and will change your life dramatically and make growing older each and every day a pleasure rather than a burden. I believe they are the key to living life with maximum grace, purpose and passion. So.... read on!

(The first of the 7 Strategies is outlined below. More will be posted in the near future.)

Seven Strategies for Growing Older With Grace, Purpose and Passion
  • Strategy #1 - I will accept, embrace, and welcome change.
  • Strategy #2 - I will never quit on life... I will stay engaged.
  • Strategy #3 - I will take full responsibility for my life.
  • Strategy #4 - I will not give in to cynicism, anger, or bitterness.
  • Strategy #5 - I will live by faith.
  • Strategy #6 - I will live a life of generosity.
  • Strategy #7 - I will welcome aging as an opportunity not a limitation.