Never My Love 


When you love music and you share that love with another person for 50 years, it is natural that songs would mark the important dates and events of your years together. Judy and I are no different. We share many memories that are attached to songs. 

But we have only one song that is “our song”. That song is Never My Love. 

Written by the Addrisi Brothers, Richard and Donald, Never My Loveowes its fame to the 1967 recording by a group called the Association. Bursting onto the music scene in amidst the political and social unrest of the mid-60s, the Association were unique for the times. They were not hard rock. For the most part they were not driven by political agendas. Their music was not “message” music. They sang in sweet six and seven part harmonies. In a day when the message of the times was best expressed in titles such as “(If You Can’t Be With The One You Love”) Love the One You’re With”, they sang of “forever” love. 

That was the message of Never My Love. That is what drew my then-high school sweetheart and me to it. We were young, very young. 17 at the time. We were in love, or at least we thought we were. The seeds were being planted, for sure, of a love that would endure through the rest of the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and now, well into the new millennium. It was an exciting time.  

50 years later Never My Loveis still our song. We still look at each other and smile when it comes on the radio. We still turn the radio dial up a notch when we hear that familiar opening guitar line. We still hold each others’ hand a little tighter and softly sing along, still singing to the words to one another.  

Never My Loveexpressed the hope and the glory of love as it should be, as it can be. It expressed the hopeful, youthful desire of one lover to another, the dream of the life to be spent together until “death do we part”.  

It has worked for us all these years. 


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